Music background and any previous bands
Enrico’s musical background is jazz rock, blues, progressive rock and experimental. He has performed with a number of artists including Paolo Conte, Mike Stern, Johnny Mars, Billy Preston, Carl Anderson, Gianni Morandi, Acqua and Karnataka. Enrcio has performed as a session player on more than 100 albums with various Italian and international artists.

Enrico was also was a music teacher at Yamaha and Roland music schools between 1990 and 2000.

Musical influences and what you listen to
Enrico listens to many genres but particularly enjoys classical including Stravinsky, Bach and Malher.

Carlo Pierini “enrico pinna” signature model
Carlo Pierini stratocaster model
Acoustic guitars: Alhambra Classic gran concert and folk gran concert.
7 string Schecter with Seymour Duncan pick ups.
Jazz archtop Ibanez with Bartolini pick up
Mesa Boogie single rectoverb head with Marshall cabinet 2×12” with Celestion greenback speakers
Avid Eleven rack with expansion pack
Pedals: Tc Electronics eq compressor (from the 80′- amazing sound!)
TC Electronics Flashback x4 delay/looper pedal
Akai headrush looper
Lexicon LXP15II reverb unit
Fulltone Ulimate Octave – 69′ first series – Catalyst – custom shop Mini Dejavibe
MXR 90’phaser – Dynacomp
Electro Harmonics Small clone chorus

Favourite band – Karnataka! he is also a big admirer of the Pat Metheny group, Tribal Teck, Yes.

Favourite album–  Mahler Resurrection

Favourite Karnataka track – Forsaken

Favourite gig – Brecker Brothers with Mike Stern as guest in Lugano Festival (Switzerland)

Favourite film –  In The Name Of The Father

Favourite food – Marzipan from Vienna

Favourite drink – Red wine and champagne!

Favourite socks – The ones without holes but he never finds them in the draw

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