Çağri Tozluoğlu is a Featured Artist for KORG.
Music background and any previous bands
Cagri’s love of music started when he was three. He bought his first keyboard himself when he was just 8 after years of collecting his pocket money. He studied music to develop his piano playing, theory and composition abilities incorporating classical music to jazz. He started playing with bands during his school years and has had the opportunity to perform and work with many talented and famous names throughout his career. Before Karnataka Cagri was mainly performing in rock and metal bands.

Musical influences and what you listen to
Cagri enjoys discovering new music of all genres with the exception of celebrity pop music and consumer culture. He grew up listening to folk music and Turkish art music, which he still appreciates today. Cagri was influenced by Vangelis during his formative years and this had a big influence on helping him realise the possibilities of incorporating classical sounds and influences in his keyboard palying. He enjoys listening to Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Nightwish, Dark Tranquility. More recently he has been enjoying the latest albums of Haken, Ayreon and Eluveitie.

List of Equipment You Play
Cagri’s main keyboard is a Korg Kronos 88 and depending on his stage and studio needs sometimes also uses a Roland Fantom, Nord Lead 2X and Novation midi keyboard. He also uses software synthesisers and sampler instruments e.g. Reasons Thor, KV331 audios Synthmaster and Eastwest Collection of Instruments on a Mac Book Pro.

Favourite Band – Porcupine Tree

Favourite Album – Pain of Salvation – Entropia

Best Concert You Have Been To – 2008 Bjork Volta Tour Concert in Istanbul, 2013 Steven Wilson gig at Southbank Centre  at London and  a particular highlight – the encore of Deep Purple’s Istanbul show on 2007.

Favourite Film – Amélie / Inception (he loves their soundtracks too)

Favourite Food – Chinese food – Sweet and Sour Chicken

Favourite Drink – Black Tea ( no milk please)

Favourite Colour Socks – Multi coloured ones.

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